Need more "disk storage space" on your Laptop?

Is there a better solution?

Can we combine all the Pros and eliminate the Cons?

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Imagine with additional disk space you can...

Love taking photos? Save your favorite photo collections and bring them everywhere you go!

Sync with Time Machine and safely back all of your files onto Ninja Stealth Drive. Never worry about data-loss!

Got too many movies, songs or working files? Store them safely in this extra removable disk space.

The problem...

Most hybrid laptops nowadays only comes with 128GB ~ 256GB of SSD disk space as the standard option.

As all file becoming bigger in size, many Hybrid laptop users realize they are running out of storage space!

Not enough file storage space

Save more pictures!

Secured backups

Massive storage

What are some basic solutions?



Cloud Storage

  • Automatic backups
  • Easy access
  • Need internet access
  • May require monthly fee
  • Internet security issues



External Hard Drives

  • Large Storage Space
  • Can be used with multiple computers
  • Heavy & large in size
  • Easily breakable
  • Hard to carry around 



USB Flash Drives

  • Portable drive
  • Cheap in price
  • Need to be inserted and removed everytime
  • Still an external disk
  • Can be lost easily

Yes, we made it happen. Introducing...

Ninja Stealth Drive is an aluminum Micro SD card adapter. Purchase your favorite brand of Micro SD card, 128GB, 256GB or even 512GB will all work.

Place your Micro SD Card into Ninja Stealth Drive. Then insert the entire drive into your laptop.

Insert into your laptop and 

add up to 512GB of storage

A new drive with extra storage space will show up on your desktop, ready for use!

Fits 100% into your laptop with

zero protrusions

Ninja Stealth Drive fits 100% into your laptop and becomes a part of your computer.

Other brands of external SD drives protudes out of your laptop, and they look ugly. 

We wanted to invent a better solution to this problem. So we built a SD drive that sits flush with the edge of your laptop computer.

Ninja Stealth Drive is designed to match and blend into your laptop perfectly.

We have selected the highest grade of aluminum and crafted them using the advanced CNC milling process. 

Ninja Stealth Drive has the identical finish as your laptop. It fits into your computer flawlessly.

Flawless & stylish aluminum exterior

Smart tool-free design, 

our uniquely patented invention

Easily pull out Ninja Stealth Drive with the tip of your finger!

Unlike other hidden drives that requires tools to retrieve, anyone can use their nail and pull out our hidden Ninja Stealth Drive instantaneously!

How does "Ninja Stealth Drive" work?

Micro SD Card goes here

Insert Ninja Stealth Drive into your Laptop

Compatible with many types 

of hybrid laptops

Ninja Stealth Drive work with many types of popular hybrid laptops.

There are 4 types of Ninja Stealth Drive designed for Surface book, Lenovo Yoga, Dell XPS and Asus Zenbook Flip.

These 4 types of hybrid laptops are very popular yet they lack sufficient storage space! 

I really needed this product because my surface book doesn't have enough storage space. I didn't like to use a regular SD card because it protrudes out of my laptop. This is a great way to instantly increase storage space!

Ninja Stealth Drive is hidden within the laptop and has excellent texture. This is a high quality product and I would definitely recommended it!

- Satisfied Buyer, Frank J.

- Satisfied Buyer, Henry P.

Co-founder, Baseqi Designs

Ninja Stealth Drive was first invented for Macbooks. It was then we realized hybrid laptop users have the demand for a same solution. Our team spent many years trying to perfect this product, I am confident that you will fall in love with the quality.

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