The light, sturdy & portable MacBook stand is here.

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Elevate your Macbook to comfortable heights on the go!

When iStand is closed and put away, it becomes a cover that protects the back of your MacBook. You will never have to worry about getting scratches again!

When put down, iStand also prevents your thigh from getting burned while using the MacBook on your lap.

Improve air flow, reduce MacBook heat

How to use an iStand?

iStand is a great solution for me. I travel very frequently and I am used to typing on a stand. iStand gives my MacBook Air the perfect lift, elevating it into the perfect typing position!

- Satisfied Buyer, Rob H.

- Satisfied Buyer, Jason K.

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Here is what we had in mind while designing iStand:

  • It has to be very, VERY thin! 
  • We want it to be very LIGHT in weight. 
  • Easy to carry, can be used everywhere.
  • High quality, this stand must look and feel nice. 
  • It has to be sturdy even after years of usage.

What's special about this stand?

Made from the same material as iPad smart covers

We used the exact same material as the APPLE iPad Smart Covers as the material for our iStand.

We placed super fiberglasses within the PU leather to make the stand firm, strong and sturdy.

This design works very well because all of these materials are very light in weight.

A Perfect MacBook Stand at an unbelievable price!

The goal for our brand is to design and provide high-quality products at best possible prices.

This is definitely a tough challenge!

The only way to achieve this is to have experts at both the design end as well as the manufacturing end. We are able to achieve this because we've gather a team of veterans with over 20 years of experience.

iStand also protects your MacBook from scratches on rough surfaces

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Extremely thin and weightless

It's no secret that MacBooks overheat after long periods of usage.

iStand raises your MacBook and improves the airflow. Your laptop will be able to dissipate heat much faster!

Bring home your iStand today!

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Limited in supply, available for a short time only

The biggest challenge during invention process was selecting materials.

We tested many materials before settling down with super fiberglass. It is light as a feather, yet strong like a metal.

This material is the secret to making iStand sturdy, weightless, portable and ultra thin.

Stick iStand onto your MacBook

How does iStand stay attached?

IStand attaches onto your MacBook using washable & reusable sticky adhesives.

Removing iStand is simple, place your fingers on the two rounded "ears" on the edge of stand and peel.

You will be able to easily detach and attach iStand in seconds!

Peel and re-attach to give iStand an angle

iStand comes into two seperate pieces. Use the cotton swab that comes with the package and wipe clean your computer.

Then, simply stick both pieces of iStand onto the edges of your MacBook.

When you need to raise the height of your MacBook, peel iStand off. Fold it then stick it back on.

iStand will stand firm and sturdy, raising your MacBook to a comfortable position.

Use iStand anywhere, on any surface.

iStand is light and easy to carry. 

Whether you are traveling on a plane, working at a coffee shop, or hanging out in a park, you can conveniently use iStand to give your MacBook a height lift.

Wash iStand adhesives to make it as good as new 

If your iStand ever get dusty, you can wash the entire stand with water.

Once the dusts are cleaned, iStand adhesive stickers will become as sticky as new!

iStand is the missing piece to your MacBook!

I like this product a lot and I would recommend it to anyone who owns a MacBook.

The quality of this product is high. It not only functions as a stand, but also serves as a protector for my MacBook Pro.